Ubiquitious Computing

Welcome to the next gen guide on ubiquitous computing.

Before we begin lets have a clear idea on what really is Ubiquitous Computing. The word seems big for normal speakers like me and most of us. But that basically ubiquitous means is “present-everywhere”. Got an idea now??

If not let me be more clear; Ubiquitous Computing also known as Pervasive Computing is the new growing technology in adding computing capabilities to day to day objects available to us. These are done mainly to ease the user’s everyday activities and to effectively communicate information. So narrowing down to android there has been specifically three-different parts where ubiquitous computing has been utilized : Android Wear, Android Tv and Android Auto.


Since our everyday objects will be effected by ubiquitous computing we should be very precise and program to solve real world problem. Here I have listed out some points to help developers understand if your app really needs ubiquitous computing capabilities and if it is solving real life problems or just adding up the problems.

  1. Less time consuming: Our main concern should be to less engage our users to our program. So as to give quick response to whatever is necessary and allow user to continue with their work.
  2. Solve real world problem: Always keep in mind if what you are developing is really a necessity for the user. Will it help user’s everyday tasks? Does it really solve real world problem?
  3. Intelligent, Fast, Powerful: Does your program intelligently handles user’s queries and act as a powerful tool to ease user’s need?
  4. Interactive: Does your app assist user’s interactivity?

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