Install Android Virtual Device (GenyMotion)

Let’s dive into installing genymotion as a virtual device for you android applications.

Download and install virtual box (Optional)

Download VirtualBox + follow instructions to install.

SignUp for GenyMotion and download it’s installer

Sign up for an account  here.

Download the appropriate installer with (if you have skipped first step) or without virtualbox.

Run the GenyMotion Application

Select Virtual device you want to install. 









Downloading the contents of Virtual device.









Once it’s done you can finally see the device in you genymotion application.

genymotion-installed devices








Click start to run your virtual device.










Furthermore, you can install a plugin in android studio itself to easy launch of genymotion virtual devices.

Configure Android Studio Plugin

Settings/Plugin click on “Browse Repositories” to view uninstalled plugins. Search “genymotion” here.








Now restart studio and you’ll see an icon of genymotion.





Click on it and update the appropriate path to genymotion folder.







Again click on it to show the available devices and start them.










Finally you can deploy your app onto the emulator.





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