Digital Literacy Training-Samata School, Patan

A five day long Digital Literacy Training(DLT) was held by the former Microsoft Student Partners with the support of other working engineers for the students of Samata School, Patan.

The event which started off on 12 September Friday was held on every evening for an hour or two where each students learned basics of computing with office packages,paints,internet and understanding the functioning of Computers.

Samata School, Gwarko
Samata School is renowned for its unique structure of being a Bamboo School where all its building are built from bamboo itself. Also the school provides a very cheap education to all its students which costs them only NRs.100 per month which is like $1 per month just for education. The school being such an inexpensive school is able to provide quality education with almost 90% of good results in SLC.
However,because of the low cost we realized that the school is unable to provide resources for quality computer education. Hence, we decided to provide a DLT to the students of grade 9 to help them increase their acquaintancy of Computers.

Digital Literacy Training
Digital Literacy Training
The Training:
Our main intention was to create a sound knowledge and increase the fluency in computers of young students. As technology is a big part of everyday life and its importance is increasing day by day we believe every student should be capable enough to work with computer.
Day 1:
Introduction to Computer and Paint
Learning has no bound, so did our training started with a bang. A brief introduction on Computers, processes, programs,applications and Paint- the first thing we as a newbie learn on computers. Tips and tricks of paint and so did our first day ended.
Day 2:
Microsoft Word
We headed on to office packages, Word : Typing skills, creating a project document with header and footer, insert elements and basic tips.
Day 3:
Microsoft Excel
Creating an excel sheet, automatic calculation and saving record sheets.
Day 4:
Microsoft Powerpoint
Creating a simple powerpoint presentation, slide and animation selection and slideshow.
Day 5:
Internet and Quick Quiz
Introduction to internet, search engines and social networking. Learning from internet.
Finally a quick quiz on everything we’ve learned in 5 days.

Thankfully we were able to provide one laptop to a group of 3-4 students which each one of them shared and learned together.Very few of them had prior knowledge of computer but those who did had were very good at its usage.
From my perspective what I learned was boys were good at grasping computer skills and were sound of new technologies whereas few girls showed the ability but girls were mostly shy which certainly came in their way of learning and advancing like the boys.

Digital Literacy Training-Samata School
This was my first involvement in training as such while I had always wanted to be a part of it. My vision is no less than what we all had ie. to keep sharing the knowledge we have and help develop technical soundness in every students or elders of our community.


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