AndEngine Simple Android Game Tutorial

Here I go taking on Android Game Development with AndEngine.
This is a detailed simple blog post to help get started with Android Game Development.

Jimmar's blog thingie

WARNING: This is an outdated tutorial for the old AndEngine GLES1.0, if you want a tutorial for the new GLES2.0 then Check my Jimvaders tutorial ..

After playing around with the Android SDK , I thought that I should give game development a test drive. After giving Cocos2D a test, I faced the problem of online support, almost all the tutorials I found online were for the iOS version.. so I looked for other Engines made for Android.

AndEngine is an awesome game engine I found, but I couldn’t find a whole game tutorial.. so I thought that I’d port Dan’s simple Android Game tutorial (that’s actually ported from Ray’s iPhone cocos2D tutorial)

This tutorial will cover:
– Adding/Removing sprites
– Using timeHandlers
– Moving sprites
– Using Sound/Music
– Pausing/Resuming your game
– Simple collision detection

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